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Chris & Mary Selwood are full-time property investors.

Chris was in The Merchant Navy and Mary was a nurse for 27 years before leaving her nursing career behind in June 2016 to concentrate on full-time property investing.

They both started investing in the property while Chris was in The Merchant Navy.

Realising he had no pension in place, he and Mary they thought it was a good idea to buy property as a pension plan.

Being away from home for several months at a time was tough and when they started a family it got even tougher.

They concentrated on building a small property portfolio to help change that... after the financial crash in 2009 as the interest rates fell they found themselves with much lower mortgage payments which increased their cash flow enabling

Chris to quit his job in 2009. Mary followed suit in 2016 and now they both work on Property Sales and Management, a Property Network Event and a Property Mentoring Business.

Their main aim is to help others become financially free and to enable them to have a future of Lifestyle Freedom and Choice.



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