Episode 5 - Mark McAtamney - From Chump Steaks to Creative Strategies

Season #1

In this episode, our special guest Mark McAtamney shares his journey from working in his father's family butchers shop in Kilrea, Northern Ireland to getting a taste for property while in San Francisco where his brother runs a construction company.

Like many people, Mark had a desire to invest but felt restricted by lack of finance and lack of access to mortgages so he had to explore other avenues. Creative Finance Strategies were the way forward for Mark and he has built up a great business solving property problems that most investors would run a mile from.

The current corona-virus health crisis has put Mark's business on hold but he share's the things he's doing to keep himself motivated and the things he's learned about himself during the lockdown. Find out what he means by 40 at 40 and what strategy he sees as a winner moving forward.


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